Administrative Department – 330-424-1740

  • House numbering
  • Create budget & process bills
  • Develop project schedules & priorities
  • Release public announcements
  • Acquire grant funding
  • Receive public comments
  • Coordinate with other public agencies

William Helscel, P.E., P.S.
Chief Deputy Highway Engineer
x 109

Jackie Shreeve
Office Manager

Engineering Department – 330-424-1459

  • Prepare road & bridge plans
  • Review plans from consultants
  • Complete survey work for County projects

Brad Bosley
Assistant Design Engineer
x 291

Cory Griffith, P.E.
Assistant Design Engineer / Inspector
x 299

David Hutchman, P.E.
Chief Inspector

x 293

David Long, P.S.
Survey Dept.
x 297

Jason McDevitt, P.E.
Design Engineer
x 288

Mary Browne, P.E.
Chief Design Engineer
x 290

Tom Hutson
Engineering Tech 4
x 295

Troy Graft, P.E.
Chief Deputy Sanitary Engineer
x 294

Emma Minamyer, F.E.
Assistant Design Engineer
x 289

Map Department – 330-424-1782

  • Maintain the official Columbiana County Road Map
  • Assist the public in obtaining tax maps and survey information for property in Columbiana County
  • Review property descriptions
  • Approve Legal Description on Deeds
  • Review & approve platted subdivisions

Pam Davis
Administrative Assistant

Denise Buttermore
Engineering Clerk

Casey Pancurak
Engineering Clerk IV

Highway Department – 330-424-3519

  • Maintain the county roads and bridges
  • Take care of county bridges, guardrails, traffic signals and signs
  • Remove snow and ice from county roads in the winter time
  • Summer chip & seal program

David Esterly
Highway Maintenance Assistant

Sherry Wolfe
Administrative Assistant

Water & Sewer Department – 1-800-322-6228

  • Operate & maintain the county‚Äôs 16 pump stations and 4 waste water treatment plants
  • Clean & maintain county sewer lines
  • Service 1610 customers

Allison Kazee
Office Manager

Lindsey Householder
Administrative Assistant

Nick Wise
Utilities Superintendent / Inspector